J.P. Morgan Thailand DW41


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Simulated Results
Underlying Price DW Simulated Price Delta(%)
Underlying Change(%) DW Price Change (%) Effective Gearing (x)
DW Prices at Different Implied Volatility Levels
  Implied Volatility(%)
UnderlyingU/L Price
1. The DW Price Simulation is calculated based on the standard Black-Scholes Model, and may achieve results which differ from the actual quoted market prices due to other factors, including delays caused by processing market data and market liquidity.

2. The DW Price Simulation supports the Flexible Vol. DW feature where changes in prices may be caused by changes in the implied volatility and dates.

3. These DWs are complex products. Investors should exercise extra caution in relation to them. Investors are warned that the prices shown above may change rapidly as they may rise or fall. Investors should therefore ensure that they understand the nature of the DWs and the Flexible Vol. DW feature and, where necessary, seek professional advice, before they invest in the DWs.

4. This document is for information purposes only and does not constitute an invitation or offer to invest in the DWs.
Investors should study and understand the products, return conditions, and risk factors before making an investment.