J.P. Morgan Thailand DW41

Market Maker Obligation

Adjustment of Exercise Ratio and Exercise Price

The Market Maker will provide bid and offer prices with spread not more than 10 ticks and at a minimum quantity 20,000 units and not less than 80% of the Exchange trading hours. The Market Maker will not be required to provide bid and offer prices if

  1. Market Disruption Event
  2. The Exchange temporarily prohibits trading of underlying and/or DW for any reasons
  3. The Market Maker does not hold enough DW to perform its obligation.
  4. The DW price is lower than 0.05 baht
  5. 14 Business days or less before the maturity date
  6. Other events that the market is reasonably considered to be abnormal
  7. In case of event of default under the Terms and conditions
  8. Other case which the Market Maker will disclose via the SET
Investors should study and understand the products, return conditions, and risk factors before making an investment.